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I am a PhD candidate in British history, focusing on imperialism. I have a strong interest in feminism and post-colonial theory. I tend to enjoy geeky TV shows, and I'm a huge comic nerd. Not to mention I love just being wacky to relieve stress.
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uppitylittlehomo replied to your post: Things I learned at the airport:

            Did you get yelled at dear?

jellyfish-dance replied to your post: Things I learned at the airport:

            Can you elaborate on the first point, please? I sense a good story.

Weeeelllll….the woman working the creepy new TSA body scan assault machine apparently pressed the “wrong button” for me, and had to do it twice. I asked what she meant and her reply was “I’ve been pushing ‘blue’ for so long, I forgot I needed to push ‘pink’ for you.”

My response was “Why?” 

Her response? “Blue is for boys, pink is for girls.”

Me: “Why?”

Her: “Because blue is for boys and pink is for girls.”

At this point, I gave a questioning, skeptical, perhaps not very polite face. And she quite tersely told me to move along because I was holding up the line.



  1. uppitylittlehomo said: Fuck the police! Question everything! Screw their bullshit! Also, I love you!
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