Ramblings of a Deranged Historian

I am a PhD candidate in British history, focusing on imperialism. I have a strong interest in feminism and post-colonial theory. I tend to enjoy geeky TV shows, and I'm a huge comic nerd. Not to mention I love just being wacky to relieve stress.
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  • There is someĀ seriousĀ gender policing going on at security. (Tip: Do not, however subtly or accidentally, call them out on this. You will get yelled at.)
  • Adorable grandmothers traveling from Florida for their granddaughter’s high school graduation are adorable.
  • Air Canada is waaay better than US Air…at pretty much everything.
  • I pack so much less than most people it’s not even funny. (I’m going for three days and all I bought was a backpack. Everyone else on the plane had rolling carryon luggage.)
  • Flight attendants look at you weird if you only ask for water. Go figure.
  1. estifito said: lol. I went to Munich for a week in December—you know—snow and all. I had a messenger bag.
  2. uppitylittlehomo said: Did you get yelled at dear?
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